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09 January 2024

Maintenance Responsibilities – BFP vs SFP

Body Corporates are wise ranging and diverse. It is this diversity that has lead to schemes being classified as either a Building Format Plan or a Standard Format Plan. Both of which have differing maintenance responsibilities.

Standard Format Plan:

A Standard Format Place uses markers on the ground or structural building elements to define a land horizontally.

The Body Corporate is usually responsible for:

  • Maintaining common use areas such as pools and tennis courts;
  • Maintaining common roads, gardens and the like; and
  • Utility infrastructure that is located on the Common Property;

Building Format Plan:

A Building Format Plan uses the structural elements of a building to define use of the land.

The Body Corporate is usually responsible for:

  • External areas to the building;
  • Structural Elements of the building like foundations and roofing;
  • Gardens and Lawns on common property
  • Roads on common property
  • Shared Common Facilities such as a pool or tennis court
  • Utility Infrastructure on common property or in boundary structure that services multiple lots.
  • Doors and windows that border the Lot and Common Property.
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