Our Company

A proudly local business, Redlands Body
Corporate works with clients throughout
South East Queensland.

Apart from extensive body corporate experience, team members
are selected for their value added expertise in associated body
corporate management fields such as client care, insurance,
banking, building, mediation, resident unit management
and administration.

redlandbodycorporate office

Our values

Friendly and personable

We’re a down-to-earth team that prides
itself on building genuine relationships
with our clients.

Outstanding value, always

Our prices are extremely competitive,
and give clients the best possible
value for money.

Established and experienced

We’re a team of industry experts
within a company that continues
to grow.

Local knowledge

We’re proud to be deeply entrenched in
communities across Brisbane and South
East Queensland.

Honest and straightforward

At Redlands Body Corporate, we’re open and
reliable – we don’t add hidden charges to
any of our services.


Making sure clients meet all their
compliance requirements is our number
one priority.

Get in touch

We can help with everything from garden maintenance to insurance
– so whatever you need, speak to us today.